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From dreamer to explorer.
From your inbox to the world.

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The sustainability topic is on the rise and you really want to change. Whether it's on your travels or your day-to-day life, you're really making an effort to be more sustainable but you just don't know where to start? Does everything seem hard to get, expensive or just a big mess?

By joining our family (aka newsletter), you'll receive the best travel and sustainability tips that will also help you save on your trips. We aim to share awesome tips and eco-friendly products that will make you a responsible traveller. Travel and sustainability directly in your inbox.

Dreamers, explorers, lovers, friends, families ... We want to help you create true and responsible experiences as you travel to new destinations.

We know that not everyone has the time (and let's face it) nor the patience to look for and plan genuine, real and sustainable travel. We share the same passion for travelling and for the planet and in our case we have the patience and enthusiasm to look for everything. And, of course, let's get you the best content! So relax, think of that sunset with an unforgettable view and we'll take care of the rest.


Hello from the other side! Janete, here.

A proud Portuguese and home lover, soon I realised that I wanted to explore other cultures. I grew up in Porto and worked in Barcelona, but it was in London that my interest and curiosity to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle began. It was also the period of my life where I explored new destinations the most! After a few years planning trips I learned that with a few tricks, a certain flexibility and a lot of research, everyone can travel. During my adventures, especially after a long time exploring Southeast Asia, I realised how important it was to share ways to reduce our waste and increase the positive impact on the places we visited.

I really believe that traveling to new places and meeting new people will make you grow and connect with a happier and more complete version of you.



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Do you represent a brand that fits our values? Let's create a positive impact together!


Freelance writing

We love to write about travel memories and sustainable living hacks. Anything from zero waste to how to save money while travelling, if we can share valuable information, we are happy with it! You can check previous work here.


Travel Planning

Do you love to travel but not to plan? Not sure where to start looking? Your company needs someone to book your next retreat? If you want to have real experience and explore like a local I can give you a hand. I can help you to travel more with less too, let's embrace the sustainable travel world!


Content Marketing

and Press Trips

Do you have an exciting project that supports the local community, sustainable practices, helps minorities, promotes responsible travel or is somehow working to save the planet? We can work together to bring awareness through content creation (blog posts, social media, photography, video, etc).


Sustainability Consulting

Need help with making your business, project or company more planet-friendly? We can work together and identify areas of improvement. Promoting sustainable solutions will improve both the company and the team results and efficiency.


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