How to find cheap flights


And this is the million-dollar question. The secret of the gods. That’s the truth folks, there is no abracadabra trick or internet magic formula that can save you (well, if you know one please share). But chill. Otherwise what was the point of this email, right? Yes, there are some tips and recommendations that can help you find cheap or low cost flights that will save you a lot of money. 💰

So there is still hope to fly to that turquoise-blue beach water or to hike that big awesome mountain while drinking a beer and watch the sunset (wow… can it be now?). Here are the tips that we, Flearound, usually use to find cheap flights that allowed us to flight in Europe and North Africa for €47 return (some a bit more and some even less):



This may sound like cheap talk but my friends, believe me, is the first step to find low cost flights. Most of our friends wonder how we get such cheap flights but when we ask them how do they look for flights, the frequent answer is:

Set dates › Set destination › Search for flights! › Wrong ⚠️

👉 The easiest way to find low cost flights is:

Select outbound city ›

Everywhere ›

Cheapest month!

We’re not saying that flexibility is easy to get, we know that, in a lot of companies, holidays are pre defined and not everyone can have free time during the year or days off for long weekends. Some tips:

- For those who only have holidays in August: try to be flexible at the destination and, according to, try to book the flight 60 days before the trip.

- For those who enjoy weekend getaways (even without holidays): create flight alerts at the beginning of the year for all bank holiday weekends and stay tuned (whether on Skyscanner or Momondo — click on the links to see how to create flight alerts). But, truth to be told, flights might get expensive during bank holidays season, so you can create the alerts but for weekends in April/May or September/October, that normally are cheap months to fly.

- For the fortunate ones, who have holiday freedom: the Everywhere / Cheapest month has to be your call. Plus, if you are reading this, and want to receive our best finds via email, just click here, easy.

And if you think this doesn’t work, you can check it right now: › Outbound City › Everywhere › Cheapest Month. Which brings us to the second tip:

Flight search engines

To find cheap flights we mainly use Skyscanner. We spend a lot of time here: insert date, remove date, check destination, change city, so on and so on. But we always start with the outbound city and destination “Everywhere” (unless we have to go to a specific place for a special reason, of course).

The flexibility that we mentioned before can be reduced. If you already have a place in mind, choose that destination and The cheapest month. On the other hand, if you have that amazing boss (yey) who makes you go on holidays on a specific date, or you simply have to go at that time but you are flexible in your destination (and you want to save money 💸), choose those dates and Everywhere.

We recommend that you select The whole month for that period, is not the first time that we find a pretty awesome deal by flying the day before after work, for example.


The Momondo Discover tool is great for when you don’t have a destination in mind but you feel like a special type of trip: beach, city break, nature, etc.

Select the dates and when you move on to the next step you can remove the Exact dates option:


Explore alternative options

If you really want to go to a place but prices are out of your league, try to work your head around to check all the possibilities to get there. Sometimes the flight prices from nearby cities are worth even with the bus, train or shared ride ticket/fuel.

On the other hand, depending on the destination, of course, you can fly to a close by city, rent a car and do a Road Trip (booom). To give you an example:

We always dreamed of visiting Cinque Terre and the nearest airports are Pisa and Genoa, but we flew to Milan (much cheaper at the time) and did an incredible road trip along the northern coast of Italy stopping in Bergamo, Milan, Genoa, Recco, Portofino, Chiavari and Cinque Terre. And we are not talking about a crazy long trip, but a long weekend getaway in 4 days. I mean driving through the green beautiful Italian landscapes is tempting to everyone right?


Visit airlines websites

When airlines advertise last-minute deals or there is a delay/issue with search engines, flight price comparison sites may not be 100% accurate, so it’s always worth it check the flights on the company website shown by Skyscanner, for instance.

Time, endurance and determination

It’s important to try to book flights in advance, and that’s one of the most valuable tips for finding cheap flights. Create alerts, visit the sites and as soon as you catch a good price, book it!

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